Our inspiration comes from Ella, an adopted Labrador Retriever who enriched our lives with so much love and joy. We all love our pets. They are more than just pets; they are our children, our brothers and our sisters. They are family! Although they are not people, but they sure can be as fashionable and fabulous as us.

Ella inspired us to make our unique and beautiful beads collection that are not only functional, but absolutely adorable. Furthermore, we have created a series of collections that brings a special fashionable bond between us and our pets. We encourage you to try them out with your special "little ones".

Our gorgeous products are hand-made, unique, and top quality!! Designed in NYC, Made in Taiwan.

What makes our necklaces different???

Most traditional necklaces are designed for people in mind, they aren't designed with pets in mind. We've discovered that many of our popular styles will not look as cute as it is if placed on a person; in fact, they might be border-line tacky on a human being. However if were on dogs, it works!! See it for yourself:

Most dog necklaces in the market are not made to withstand weights more than 30 lbs of pulling force. Ella Wang's Necklaces surpass that by 10 times while remaining uniquely durable and light-weight.