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All of our Designer Doggy Necklaces are handmade with stainless steel wiring. Which have been professionally tested and documented to withstand up to 310 lbs of pulling force.
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tst Two Hearts One Love-Red D02-10 Two Hearts One Love-Purple D02-60
Our Price: $0.25
Posh Baby Pearls Collar-White D01-00 Posh Baby Pearls Collar-Pink Posh Baby Pearls Collar-Green
Posh Baby Pearls Collar-Purple Simply Gorgeous D03-00 Bone Daddies-White D04-00
Bone Daddies-Black D04-90 Pharaohs Daughter-Blue D05-50 Gemstone Baby-Pink D06-12
Gemstone Baby-Brown D06-70 Beauty Trinity-White D07-00 Beauty Trinity-Pink D07-12
Beauty Trinity-Gray D07-80 Two Hearts One Love-Pink D02-12 Luxury Bow-Tie-White D08-00
Knight In Shining Collar-White D09-00 Knight In Shining Collar-Pink D09-12 Knight In Shining Collar-Puple D09-60
Knight In Shining Collar-Gray D09-80 Classic Necklace With Ella Wang Logo-Silver D10-00 Classic Necklace With Ella Wang Logo-Gold D10-03
Mediterranean Sea Collar-Blue D11-50 Two Hearts One Love  Unbreakable Pearls Dog Leash-Red R02-10 Posh Baby  Unbreakable Pearls Dog Leash-White R01-00
Posh Baby Unbreakable Pearls Dog Leash-Pink R01-12 Posh Baby Unbreakable Pearls Dog Leash-Green R01-40 Posh Baby  Unbreakable Pearls Dog Leash-Purple R01-60